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Short for a child modeling website known as "We Are Little Stars"
by Sackery August 15, 2008
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Acronym for: What a life.

A less drastic form of Fml (fuck my life) and Hml (hate my life) and can also be used as a positive expression. Used when in a state of disbelief and/or wonder.
Doctor: I have a surprise for you. I seemed to have missed the two extra babies in your last check up.

Expecting mother: You don't mean -- ?

Doctor: --You're having quadruplets!

Expecting mother: wal...
by Shahir A. October 02, 2011
41 5
Acronym for 'What A Lad'
Joe: I heard that Steve finally nailed Nicole last night

Dave: WAL!
by Paulstudy February 14, 2010
30 9
An acronym for the term "What A Lie."

The saying "what a lie" was used by me so often through means of communication to my peers, I got lazy one day and I just put the first few letters into an acronym...people don't know what it means so here's a definition :)
Sally: Mary you're so smart you aced that really hard test

Mary: No I'm not, WAL
by TheEmu June 29, 2011
4 6
WAL is the abbreviation of 'What a loser'.
Nigel: I have been fired from literally every job I've ever worked.
Elton: You have got to be kidding me... wal.
by IconicRiot June 09, 2011
1 4
acronym for We Are Lions. At the lions den, art from developmentally disabled populations is used to create awesome, unique, and individualized shirts. WAL gives a portion of the profits back to the participating organization.
Dude, where'd you get that shirt?
WAL, broham, WAL.
by We Are Lions June 27, 2011
1 5
Online abbreviation for "What A Loser"
Adam: "Lizzie spends her Friday nights at home watching reruns of Seinfeld."
Ben: WAL

by Atom Bomb 1986 January 11, 2009
4 11