Short for a child modeling website known as "We Are Little Stars"
by Sackery August 15, 2008
Top Definition
Acronym for: What a life.

A less drastic form of Fml (fuck my life) and Hml (hate my life) and can also be used as a positive expression. Used when in a state of disbelief and/or wonder.
Doctor: I have a surprise for you. I seemed to have missed the two extra babies in your last check up.

Expecting mother: You don't mean -- ?

Doctor: --You're having quadruplets!

Expecting mother: wal...
by Shahir A. October 02, 2011
Acronym for 'What A Lad'
Joe: I heard that Steve finally nailed Nicole last night

Dave: WAL!
by Paulstudy February 14, 2010
An acronym for the term "What A Lie."

The saying "what a lie" was used by me so often through means of communication to my peers, I got lazy one day and I just put the first few letters into an acronym...people don't know what it means so here's a definition :)
Sally: Mary you're so smart you aced that really hard test

Mary: No I'm not, WAL
by TheEmu June 29, 2011
WAL is the abbreviation of 'What a loser'.
Nigel: I have been fired from literally every job I've ever worked.
Elton: You have got to be kidding me... wal.
by IconicRiot June 09, 2011
acronym for We Are Lions. At the lions den, art from developmentally disabled populations is used to create awesome, unique, and individualized shirts. WAL gives a portion of the profits back to the participating organization.
Dude, where'd you get that shirt?
WAL, broham, WAL.
by We Are Lions June 27, 2011
Online abbreviation for "What A Loser"
Adam: "Lizzie spends her Friday nights at home watching reruns of Seinfeld."
Ben: WAL

by Atom Bomb 1986 January 11, 2009
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