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Female equivalent of the Nike Pikey. Found all over the British Isles usually congregating in large groups at bus stops and parks. Dresses in sportswear (not just Kappa) drinks cheap cider or supermarket vodka. Constantly smoking fags. Chav scum.
"I never bin wiv 'im. I ain't no Kappa-slapper!"
by Gavin Corder January 05, 2005
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another name for a townie bitch who thinks she looks hard by wearing tracksuits, starting fights, and shagging anyone with more than 50 pence in their pockets
damn, that kappa slapper is ugly!
by mofo69 November 11, 2004
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A female of the Chav species. The comman Kappa slapper is usually wearing Kappa labeled sports attire, hair is usually bleached blonde, donning roots and scraped back into a high side ponytail in order to look semi Ghetto. Usually hangs around bus stops and the local hangouts to look Street, Dope and Down. Usually asks passers buy for money, cigarettes, and to borrow your Mobile phone (cell phone) only to later steal it to sell off in order to buy crack.
Location: Town Centre.

Kappa Slapper 1: S'cuse me mate, you got time on ya?

Passer-by: Yes its two o'clock

Kapper Slapper 1: Thanks mate, you got any ciggys on ya?

Passer-by: No, sorry

Kapper Slapper 2: Your well gay

Kapper Slapper 1: 'Ere mate lend us your phone i need to call me mam

Passer-by: Er, ok, here... (gives phone)

Kapper Slapper 1: TAXED!

(Runs away with phone)

Kapper Slapper 2 (Calls out): See ya later - Minge
by la_dolce-vita December 23, 2005
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