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Great, heroic and pure badass.
Hey don't mess with Wael, he don't take shit from nobody
by bdsswrrr July 12, 2011
A boy who's incredible, he'll take your breath away and can make you smile at the littlest things he doesn't even know he's doing. He can talk to every girl that flirt's with him but still manages to make you feel like your the girl. He is not afraid to break the rules and have fun. Very cheerful and optimistic, despite how horrible the situation may be. He isn’t concerned with himself at all, but instead he’s concerned with other people. He always knows the perfect thing to say and the right time to say it.
"Ever since I met Wael I have been having restless nights and can never wait to see him"
by imakecupcakes March 30, 2012
Prounouced: Wah-El. Adjective. Root: Egypt.

A former member of an elite rowing team with a voracious appetite for In 'n Out burgers and free lunches. Often agrees to eating and rowing challenges in which he never intends to participate. Generally a good guy, but definitely needs more hugs.
I am Wael, I will break you!
by tadiran January 23, 2007
A fat smelly fucking Arab usually mistaken for a whale. A person who likes to shove shawarma up his wide anus. Usually has a hard time talking to people and girls. Very akward and has anxiety due to being fucked too many times when a little toddler. Very weak and hairy.
Look at that wael he's such a fag
by Cock block 27 April 30, 2015
Someone who incessantly asks questions, often by interrupting in-progress conversations, that have nothing to do with anything relevant or deal with subject matter completely out of the realm of someone's control.
Dude, I'm pretty sure what kind of toilet paper Obama uses has no bearing on your compensation. Your such a Wael.
by erin826 April 23, 2009
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