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Another word for 'penis'. Commonly used as an insult.
Girl: "Ah I just spilled milk all over the floor'
Boy: "Haha you're such a wad!"

Girl 1: (sarcastically) "Nice skirt"
Girl 2: "Don't be a wad"

Boy: "I cheated on you.."
Girl: "Oh my god you wad!"
by maddddie93 October 02, 2009
4 10
Short for what
wad the hey?!
wad are you doing?
by ShaolinIsaac December 22, 2008
5 11
Wesley Arts Douche
Alex: get out of the media studio this place is only for WAVs
James: dont you mean WADs
by WACjc June 02, 2010
1 8
Wannabe LAD. (in the sense of a guy aspiring to be a LAD in behaviour rather than for a woman to aspire to be male).
Rugby is such a LAD's sport. Shame about the WAD Rahul Patel on the bench though.
by WADully February 01, 2010
1 9
Acronym for "Window to Another Dimension". This describes the slot of a memory card reader where you insert the memory card.
I put my memory card into the WAD and was able view my pictures...of Pluto
by durkwast May 19, 2010
0 9
Noun- One load or one outburst, generally refering to cum: Wad of cum.
I kept fuck'n shorty until I had to let go and burst out wad of cum in her mouth and forced her to guzzle every last drop.
by Dime Goswami April 06, 2004
56 65
A tightly folded up "wad" of toilet paper jammed in your ass crack to prevent yourself from shitting your pants because you have diarrhea.

Is a temporary fix, for example if it comes on when you're out in a bar or a club. Note the wad needs to be changed quite frequently.

Is most commonly mistaken for a wad of dough/money.
In the Bar:

Guy 1:"Hey man, big night tonight, I've taken out a lot of cash, how about you - you gonna blow your Wad?"

Guy 2: "I sure as hell hope not..." *runs to bathroom again*
by GBstyle March 04, 2009
3 13