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Like a Lady, but not yet there.
Very high standered and wont talk to everyone.
The House with No Foots tried to talk to the waddies, but he couldn't, they didn't want to talk to him, because he had no foots.
by TheDiscoKing June 20, 2010
A wet paper napkin or tissue, wadded up and thrown against the ceiling or wall to see if it will stick.
We each took a turn during lunch hour at school throwing a waddy at the ceiling. Half of our waddies stuck.
by Therese Z March 18, 2009
A waddy is a piece of shit with corn (or peas) in it.
Sometimes when you don't chew peas or corn enough, they become viewable when you do a shit. When you call someone a waddy, you are calling them the above description. A waddy looks very discusting and sometimes dogs do them too. So when you eat corn and notice sweetcorn in your shit, you just did a waddy.
person 1: "Oh man I just did a big waddy.."
Person 2: "oh yuck dude, was there much corn?"
"your'e a big fat waddy"

"your'e a piece of shit with corn in it, you waddy!"
by timefall September 20, 2006
A waddy is when you eat corn or peas. They dont digest right. The simplest way to define a waddy is, "a piece of shit with corn (or peas) in it"
person 1: "Oh man I just did a big waddy.."
Person 2: "oh yuck dude, was there much corn?"
by timefall September 18, 2006
(verb-or noun)(from a male POV) to ignore a frienship for an extended period of time, only to realize your mistake and fall madly in love with your best girl friend
Her(thinking to herself) WHERE IS HE? i havent talked to him in like a month. I hope he's not in jail or the hospital or anything.
Him(over IMing later that night) I'm sorry I have been ignoring you. I pulled a waddy. im sorry. i will never waddy you again. I love you.
by jsut meeeee December 17, 2008
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