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Leeds United supporters 'nuff said
Waccoe - worshippers of all things Leeds United, and more recently Spiderman, kidnapped (allegedly) by members of The Hampshire Whites.
by HampshireWhitePoster August 08, 2004
"WACCOE" means "We are the Champions, Champions of Europe".

As Leeds United sing this song, they wave the scarfs are rapidly till the song ends.

-Marching on Together
Leeds United fans: "We are the Champions, Champions of Europe".
... Or short terms "WACCOE".
by Swiifty March 18, 2011
forum originally for Leeds Utd. fans.
More recently has become the home of quotes from smith's songs and reports of cousins' encounters with ex Leeds players
I'm from farnley and I LOVE the smiths!
by morrisey hater September 08, 2004
WACCOE - Short for We Are Champions, Champions of Europe.

Leeds fans think they are chamions of europe, because they are delusional and think they are much better than they actually are.

They can't even win league one, never mind being champions of europe!
Leeds Fan: WACCOE! We Are Champions, Champions of Europe

Any other fan: No your not, you knob jockeys!

Leeds Fan: (insert a number of profanities here, and you won't even be close to how vile a leeds fan is.)
by Richard Wilkins(DaPs) January 26, 2008
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