"Wow, yeah right!"

A term used in Counter Strike when someone is appalled at the circumstances of their death. Often spouted anyway for no reason by people who die under normal conditions.
1. * Person gets headshot behind several teammates randomly and dies
Person: wyr
(person is using wyr sincerely)

2. * Person dies in a completely normal manner
Person: wyr
(person is being funny)
by pray&spray July 15, 2013
Top Definition
WYR is short for Would You Rather.
WYR have a dog or a cat?
by AvengedSwan February 07, 2012
Shorthand for Would You Rather. A popular game played by many people.
WYR.......eat a pile of dog turds or drink a horses sperm?

WYR........Jump off a 30 foot cliff onto a trampoline or Jump off a 30 foot cliff into jello?
by C.Rex.Nympholette April 27, 2012
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