Who Wants To Fuck
girl: wwtf

boy: i do!!!!!!!!
by late nighter September 01, 2010
Top Definition
stands for What What the Fuck,

It denotes something extra amount of WTFness that can not be represented by just WTF. First 'W' is to emphasize the impact of WTFness.

Also it shows that its that big amount of WTFness that its taking a bit of time for digestion.
Mary: I'm pregnant
Joseph: WWTF?
* mary was mommy of jesus and joseph was her husband and they never had sex

john: dude, do you know how I can calm down a wild bull?
mark: give him a handjob
john: What? What the FUCK? (WWTF)
by dayumname July 13, 2009
It is a synonym for "WHAT IS GOING ON" and an acronym for "WHAT'S WITH THE FUDGE".
Two boys are fighting. A teacher runs over to them and yells "WWTF". The boys promptly explain their reason to fight.
by Tucker, your Lord and Savior November 17, 2006
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