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Used as a noun form of WTF.
That homeless man chasing the parking meter attendant with a pink whiffle ball bat had a high degree of WTFness.
by Hoodlumman May 31, 2007
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When describing a situation that was odd, weird, crazy, or strange. For moments that have no explanation. Combination of wtf (what the fuck) and craziness, weirdness, oddness, etc.
It was just a moment of wtfness. I don't know how else to explain what happened.
by hbake September 21, 2013
A questionable amount of curiosity that is measured in "WTF?"
"The 'WTFness of this cracked me up!"
by Unvirtuous Abbey April 10, 2013
a form of wtf.
if he told me after all this time that he was gay i would die of WTFness
by lol duhhh September 26, 2009
means if you dont understand wat the hell the other person sed or if mispelt word
wtfness did you just say
by Darren cazza May 14, 2006
Its a word you use if you are confussed in what someone sed or if the person wrote something wried.
wtfnessdid you just say
by Darren cazza May 09, 2006

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