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"What Would Rory Gilmore Do?" When there is a difficult path ahead in life, ask yourself this question, and all will be good. This is a spin of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) based on the Gilmore Girls series on The WB.
Oh my gosh! I've moved to college, but I miss mommy so much. WWRGD? Ahh, thats it... Rory would go home to mom and have a series of bad dialogues about nothing.
by Luigi May 18, 2004
"What would Richard Gere Do?"

A question often posed by the growing cult of Richard Gere. Through a misinterpretation of words, BU students recently came to the conclusion that Richard Gere is the new Jesus Christ- basically- SUPERHUMAN VIRTUE.
Nick- Jeeze should I get shitfaced or study for my final?

Danielle- well Nick, W.W.R.G.D?

Nick- Lets get rocked!
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