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WWEC is an acronym for World Wrestling Entertainment Chat.

WWEC is a legendary chat room based on WWE, but WWE talk is rare there.

WWEC is a fun, yet depressing place to go to.

Some WWEC legends include Stephen Sol, Vicky, Adam, United, Alex, Kevin, AJ, Rush, Wowzerz, Lewis, Binks, Liane, Zach, Chikiis, Mike, Hizzle, Gio, Eric, Wolak, Calvin, Original Nick, Abreialle, Maria, Chikita, and of course Nash.
Random Noob - "Hey WWEC, I love Cena and DX, wassup"

Me - "A cieling is up, and Cena sucks. Rated RKO killed DX coz they were old twats. Now fuck off before I SKP your CONCRETE STEEL SKULL in a CONTROLLED FRENZY while jizzing over WWE.COM DAILY DIVA"

WWEC Legends - "wtf omg lol haha lmao rotflmao bbq"
by SteRDLK July 11, 2009
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WWEC is a name of a chatroom that can be found on Xat at anytime. In case you don't know, is a website that rooms thousands of chats, different chats for different topics. Our chat is WWEC. It stands for World Wrestling Entertainment Chatroom, and although this isn't the official WWE chat, we are all fans of The Successful Wrestling Promotion, WWE. Our chatroom has been running for a few years now. Since then we have had our high points, and low points, but usually we remain one of the most popular chatrooms on the Xat website. WWEC was created by Stephen Sol, he's the former owner of it, but known as a vanishing man, because once he made the chat in 2006, and was pretty much never seen again.

After his disappearance, we were without authority for about half a year. Because of that, we had many spammers, trolls, and many, many fights. So much that WWEC became known as a fighting chat, where you would get nonstop drama and arguments.

But then in about December of 2007, Chris(Creator of Xat) came in and made Vicky an Owner of our chat, feeling that she was responsible enough to handle it and all the work that comes with. Because she was dating Adam at the time, and still now - she made him an owner as well. These owners still come on, and can be found on the chat if you have any questions.

For a big part of 2007, our chat had our own feud, much like how WWE has theirs. We feuded with another WWE chat, that had members who originally came to our chat, but didn't like the owners or how they ran the chat. So they went off to create their own chatroom, a better chatroom. With the hate already towards us, they tried to take us out. They tried to humiliate us, destroy our members, and overall just piss us off. Because of that, we did the same, we fought back, and a half a year later, they fell victim to WWEC. This was probably our most famous feud with any chatroom, only because it had such a great impact on us. Although we won, 1WWE did manage to piss a lot of great members off, and cause them to leave Xat.

Ever since 2006, many people have come, and many people have gone. The people who are known most on this chat, and were here before the owners were made are known as The Originals. These people are respected, and look up too, and in our own way, Legends, like a Legend is in WWE.

- Stephen Sol
- Vicky
- Adam
- Alex
- Beale
- Zach
- Mike
- Hizzle
- Alora
- Calvin
- JJ
- Liane
- Eddie
- Kev
- Lord
- Omar
- KaneFan
- Gio
- Original Maria
- Chikiis
- Chikita
- Flower
- Scila
- Mason
- Eric
- Lewis
- Abreialle
- King Edge
- Original Nick
- Chicano Kyle
- Sarah
- AJ
- Jamie
- Crazy
OMG WWEC is the best chat on xat!!
by Harry Cocks July 11, 2009
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