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What Would Bear Grylls Do?
I was suddenly lost during an afternoon hike. With only half a bottle of water left and no more granola bars, i began to think to myself...WWBGD?
by Eric Q. August 11, 2008
WWBGD: What Would Bear Grylls Do?

A parody of *WWJD = What Would Jesus Do

"How are we gonna make it to the otherside of the mountain and over that cliff"

"Hmm, What Would Bear Grylls Do in this situation"
by Saul Cosis April 13, 2013
What Would Bear Grylls Do?

A man of high confidence, talent, and skill, Bear Grylls travels the world untangling himself from deadly situations while having a fabulous accent.

He likes to drink his own pee.
Person 1: Ugh, I forgot my lunch money, now I'll be hungry all day! What should I do?!
Person 2: wwbgd?
by Dulishus Berry (D-Mama) May 11, 2009

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