What Would Beyonce Do?
- an abreviation used and/or wondered, typically when one is facing a particularly puzzeling or problematic scenario or situation and is looking for the most exceptable, just, moral, etc. solution.
* woman see's a special needs, homeless man holding out a sign on a street corner begging for food and shelter. - to herself, she thinks 'WWBD?'

*A pleasant married couple procreats a child. post-labor in the hospital room, the mother of said child turns to the father and says "what should we name her?" and he says, out loud, "what would Beyonce do?"
by Thade Styles May 16, 2010
An acronym for "What Would Britney Do". The "Britney" referred to is pop artist, celebrity, and tabloid-topper Britney Spears.
Katie: How should we get ready for the the party?
Ashley: I don't know. WWBD?

Rachel: Do you really think I should wear this spandex mini skirt out tonight?
Mary: WWBD!
by hawkeyecutiepie May 13, 2009
A Redneck version of what would jesus do:

Naming Bubba As A Higher Difficult Decision Making Power

When Your In A Bind and dont know how to get out of it rednecks ask themselfs "what would bubba do!?!"
HillbillyJohn: Dang i gots my tractor stuck in the mudhole again! what would bubba do"

Cletus: "WWBD!"
by HillBillyJohn May 17, 2009
What Would Boyles Do. Also referred to as WWBD, an expression used to conterdict what Jesus would do. Boyles is a person, but he's also a state of mind. When it comes to decision making, Boyles will most likely make the wrong one.
Do i spend my paycheck on drugs and hookers, or do i buy groceries for my wife and children......WWBD?
by SgtSpratt October 16, 2010
What Would Barack Do?

e.g.; What would Barack Obama - the 44th President of the United States - do in whatever situation you wish to apply the acronym to.
Timmy: What? Your favorite soda is Dr. Pepper? That's stupid. You're stupid.

Johnny: Whatever! I can't believe your favorite soda is Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew Sucks. You Suck.

Sammy: Woah, woah there guys. Listen to yourselves! I mean seriously, WWBD?

Johnny: Jeez dude, you're right. Ya know what Timmy? You don't suck for liking Dr. Pepper, and I'm not better than you for liking Mountain Dew. After all, we both enjoy drinking soda in general, right?

Timmy: Aw hell Johnny, I may not like the Dr. Pepper you drink, but I respect the shit out of you! Let's go drink some soda.
by The Emu January 22, 2009
Acronym of: What would Bailey do?
Mentioned by Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy in S02 E13 - Great Expectations.
Dr. Bailey: ...And you will ask yourselves in every situation: What would Bailey do?
Dr. Grey: WWBD.
Dr. Bailey: I am not saying I am the God, I am saying I am YOUR God.
by Heritz May 20, 2008
the shortened word for "what would bambi do?"
the test was hard i thought to myself wwbd?
by rachael 10 February 16, 2008
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