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What The Fuck Would Jesus Do? A snarky reaction by non-fundies to the trend amongst some self-righteous fundamentalist Christians to wear apparel with the motto WWJD (What Would Jesus Do).
" I had to make a choice, the stripper or the joint. I was unsure, so I thought to myself, WTFWJD?"
by mae January 19, 2004
Acronym for "What the fuck would Jesus do"
I am really at a crossroads in my life I wonder WTFWJD?
by !BlackDeath! November 15, 2007
meaning "What The Fuck Would Jesus Do"

and a fantastic song by the incredible band I Set My Friends On Fire.
I couldn't decide so i asked myself WTFWJD

boy: have you heard WTFWJD by ISFMOF?
girl: yes it's fucking fantastic!
by ErinError March 01, 2009
an acronym simply meaning "What the fuck would jesus do"

often used as an extreme version of wwjd, or used to mock/make fun of the christians who say that.
bob: hey joe! you want some mary jane

joe: no dude, just think wtfwjd.
by Dan62 April 04, 2008
This acronym has been used to mock and also used in completely opposite circumstances that a Christian would to reply with wwjd.
It is also a popular song by the band ISMFOF. I-Set-My-Friends-On-Fire.
"So, there was a passed out girl in my bed. I had to make the right choice on what to do. So I simply said to myself, WTFWJD?
by gotthatfromyomomma June 05, 2009
What The Fuck Would Jesus Do
Guy 1: Lets stab this baby with a fork!

Guy 2: Dude, WTF WJD?

Guy 1: You're right... a SPOON!
by L337Geek June 25, 2007
A combination of the religious acronym "What Would Jesus Do?" mixed with the popular secular expression of "What The Fuck?" Commonly used by secularists who have converted from Christianity to Reality.

In a situation where ethics should be used in the making a decision and your are selfish and don't care about other people, then use the phrase "What The Fuck Would Jesus Do?"
When you are drunk and and some slut wants you to sleep with her....ask yourself "WTFWJD?"

When a homeless person asks you for money...blatantly refuse and say "WTFWJD?"
by turbo jesus February 27, 2010
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