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What the fuck for the win.

Used when there's an obvious WTF? moment.
You: Turns out my girlfriend has a penis.

by lolcats March 04, 2008
wtf ftw stands for "what the fuck for the win".
Some users use that "word" when they are angry AND happy.
That sounds weird, and it is so too ;-)
But sometimes somebody uses that just for fun.
User Y: WoW ftw!
User X: lol...WoW ftw? xD
User Y: wtf ftw!!
User X: omg -.-"
by doenervich June 20, 2008
1:What the fuck fuck the what
2:What the fuck for the win
3: what the fuck fuck the world
n00b: n00bs FTW!
non-n00b: WTFFTW?
by sharks554 July 28, 2011
work time fun for the win
used in work places
wtfftw- work time fun for the win
by pantina June 09, 2007