White Trash
Look at that guy, wife beater covered in mustard stains. He's totally W.T.
by ashlee December 22, 2002
Something you say when you are embarrassed about something or trying to change the subject.
Adam: "So Dwain I heard you blew that guy last night."

Dwain: "WT?"
by Brucist August 10, 2007
is an acronym for what the

usualy used by people who dont want to cuss or cant pick between hell or fuck
Friend on im: so i ate a whole bag of chees balls
recipiant: WT
by cantbelieve it April 29, 2010
the easiest way to call some-one "white trash" while you're near them without anyone else understanding.

"that guy over there is a w.t."
by lifes little mysteries November 15, 2008
Being unable to identify the cause of your family tree never having branches.
Well damn, I swore to the kids you are their mom.. what do you mean you 12?
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
white trash; when white people act black
Mary sure WT'd all up in the hip-hop club. She sho' nuff had the jungle fever!
by stupidpeopleshouldbeshot January 15, 2008
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