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Wishes Per Game
Indian-Canadian Nazem Kadri Call Up turned Pro Hockey player for Toronto Maple Leafs averages bout 12.8 WPG due to the heavy East Indian Population rooting for him
by c-luv January 23, 2013
Acronym for the notoriously dangerous gang in Ramona California.

The "WPG" stands for "White People Gang".

The only requirements to join is a certain level of intelligence and a certain lack of skin pigments.
Dude 1: Hey man, I heard that Johnny joined the WPG.

Dude 2: Yeah, I wouldn't fuck with him now.
by Thehamburgalar August 26, 2008
1- initials of Wannabe Professional Gamer
2- This type of players, however, have some skills classified between the professionals. But this type of players are not professionals, not at all, they disrespect any oponets that appears on their sight. This specimen of players usually act like mlg (major league gamers), they are rude, salty, arrogant, stupid, dumb, mlg's (obviously), defeatist, they taunt after every kill just to look like a pro they think they're better than anyone else, cocksure and the best parts, they are failed trolls who lost several arguments because they use the defeatist arguments as a tool for trolling (wich is not the best thing to use) and they really really, milion times really hate being confronted and/or challanged by players with balls 'n' guts for winning against them. How this confront ends: WPG's always loose the battle, make them opening their eyes and make them understand themselves how they suck now at videogames and then they get over mad, salty and butthurted for being rekt by players with balls 'n' guts with fairplay and respect for their opponets.
WPG: Lel im better than you, looser. U suck.
-2 days passed, and the other player, in this time, confident and secure of himself, confronts him:
Player: why did you left without getting rekt? Online gaming is all about honor and proper discourse. you must respect your opponent and always do the honorable thing. many people think that gaming is about having fun and shooting your opponents and then being smug about it. However, these people are fools that don't respect their oppunets, just like you did.
WPG: omg lelelell youre that loser from that game before, are you fucking serious dude?
WPG: have you ever considered killing yourself? you totally should not even joking, u know that im better than u, aaaight?
Player: Im not joking, boy. andim not killing myself, unless you tried. But heres the truth, i got revenge against all the fools who just act like douches in the middle of the online gaming community that consider themselves as pro gamers, but in reality they just nothing of people considered social sick who just use trolling for cure their boredom and to enjoy the frustration of others. i had adviced you to not make another bad responce . Now i advice you to prepare yourself for disrespect your oponets.
WPG: nah i dont have time to rekt newbs like u, dumass.
Player: scared????? don't be afraid. It will not hurt.
After the battle, and the WPG got mad over getting rekt and owned.
by TheKamikazeMonkeys May 31, 2016
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