White Power
by Blackie May 11, 2003

Not to claim something I didnt do, but I did. About 6 years ago I used to play a game called Runescape, alot of the time you accidentally sent a message to the 'wrong person', so it began.
Jack: Hey Jessica, Hows it going?
James: What?!?
Jack: Sorry, WP.
by Tanner R September 21, 2007
White Phosphorous - Used in WP grenades.
The American M15 grenade contains about 15 ounces, along with a small bursting charge which ignites the phosphorous and scatters it over a 17 metre radius. The phosphorous burns for about 60 seconds at more than 2000 K (which is higher than the melting point of steel), and it will naturally ignite every flammable object in the area.

The burning particles can also embed themselves into human flesh, where they will continue to burn, causing excruciating pain and sinking deeper into the victim's body. Water can only provide temporary relief, as the particles will spontaneously re-ignite the moment they dry. They must therefore be carefully picked out before re-ignition or doused with copper sulphate, which will prevent re-ignition.
This type of grenade will cause severe, possibly even fatal injuries to enemy soldiers, and worse yet, its smoke is highly toxic and can also injure or kill. WP grenades are generally used to clear rooms or trenches or other confined areas where it is unlikely that shifting winds will blow the resulting smoke back into your face.
by Diego November 18, 2003
Abbreviation for: Wrong person. Often used on online games and MSN when talking to friends in private and you message a person u weren't meaning to.
John to Tom: Hey Fred ! howz your essay coming up?
John to Tom: Oops wp! was ment to type to Fred
by Kayr33m May 15, 2007
The Washington Pavilion, which is located in Sioux Falls, SD. Also known as the Washington Pav.

There's an Australia movie playing at the Wells Fargo Cinedome in the WP.
by Dianeb October 05, 2006
wp refers to a white person, slang term used by a blacks to talk about them in specific or general.
Matt you are my favorite wp.
Them wps drive me crazy.
by Lycus January 11, 2006
a quicker way to reference white people
Those WP's always doing some crazy ass shit.
by jo-e November 08, 2005
Abbreviation for the word wallpaper, specifically of the digital variety.
1. I found a pretty new wp for my desktop on the internet!
2. I'm such a nerd that I expect everyone to know what wp stands for!
by Latrine May 20, 2005

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