wp refers to a white person, slang term used by a blacks to talk about them in specific or general.
Matt you are my favorite wp.
Them wps drive me crazy.
by Lycus January 11, 2006
a quicker way to reference white people
Those WP's always doing some crazy ass shit.
by jo-e November 08, 2005
Abbreviation for the word wallpaper, specifically of the digital variety.
1. I found a pretty new wp for my desktop on the internet!
2. I'm such a nerd that I expect everyone to know what wp stands for!
by Latrine May 20, 2005
Wanhat Parrat - HT federation
Wanhat Parrat hattrick federation
by Kuuba January 05, 2005
White Plains

a suburb in New York
Yo lets go to WP.
by rs July 03, 2004
Noun: The pasty, waxen complexion of a youth who spends too much time alone in his bedroom.
Abbreviation of "Wanker's Pallor"
"Ew! That's a definite case of WP! I'd hate to change his sheets..."
by Stooo March 18, 2003
When you run out of beer .
Dude we finished all the beer, but the night is still young! Lets play some wp (water pong)
by rawwrr9 July 22, 2011

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