n. wicked noob. also see wooben, woobanship, wooberized
Ray is definately a woob.
by Wind May 06, 2003
n: woob
vb: wooble (woobling)
n: wooble (noun of the verb {i.e a walk}
n: woobler (one who woobles)
adj: woobly
advb: wooblily
TAMAR is a woob!

tamar is a woobly clown

tamar wooblily ran to the car

tamar woobled down the hall

....but the question is....what IS a woob?
by woobly clown November 30, 2007
woob(n): a hott uber sexy guy
My boyfriend is a woob.
I miss my woob!
by Jes October 08, 2004
onomatopoetic variant of:

- The Three Stooges' Curly spinning around on the floor in a circle
- That doofy audience cheer from the now defunct Arsenio Hall show

used as a semi-enthusiastic cheer regarding an accomplishment of minor or even dubious importance

delivered in the same subdued manner as a quiet chuckle
Managed to get a flu shot today (beginning of the flu shot season this year too). Woob.
by glue October 04, 2004
A term used for a man with man-breasts, or man-boobs, but specific to those breasts formed by lack of physical activity due to extensive playing of "World of Warcraft" (aka WOW).
If Larry doesn't stop playing WOW, he's gonna grow some double D Woobs!
by Touka August 16, 2007
A hair growing out of a female breast.
"Man that chick had a seriously nasty woob right by her nipple"
by TravisB January 16, 2006

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