The shivers that you get after taking a piss.
Girl: Why is there piss all over the seat?
Guy: I had some crazy woobs
by Intimate Tuna March 07, 2011
To be maxin your relaxin! Some people Woob on the couch with their big screens, some people Woob on the side of a mountain, and others woob on the beach. It doesn't matter because you can Woob wherever you want
John: I'm so ready to Woob!
Billy: Yea! I plan on woobin' out on the couch to some college football all day today!
John: Got any room in that WoobHole for an extra Woober?
by WoobNation September 19, 2012
The slight gut or belly a woman has below her belly and above her vagina, the beginnings of jelly rolls, fat or obesity and the first sign a woman is out of shape.

Sometimes woman with kids have this stretched out area which is the hardest place to lose fat.
1.) She'd have an awesome body if she lost the woob!
2.) After pregnancy she just couldn't loose the woob.
3.) That woob makes you look like your belly got it's own belly
by PIGME July 24, 2011
When an overweight person, usually a man, goes past the stage of Moobs and develops a continuous roll of breast fat....."one boob"... pronounced for ease as "Woob"
oh my god, Jack has got sooooo fat he's like gone past Moobs and it into a Woob!
by Dollyden September 12, 2010
The sound made by a modern police-car siren as it is switched off. Most often heard in movie scenes where a police-car with siren on screeches to a halt.
(Sound of police-car siren) woo woo ... woob
by no.gymzlyp September 16, 2009
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