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Acronym that stands for "Weekend Of No Inhibitions". WONI is a state-of-mind one must undertake during extremely fun "friend only" weekends (Note: If significant others are involved then achieving the appropriate state-of-mind is virtually impossible). Pronounced as follows - wah-nee.

"WONI" can also be used to describe an extremely entertaining all-weekend event or a person's particularly fun behavior at said event.
Guy 1: This bachelor party is gonna be awesome. We are gonna drink a ridiculous amount of booze, dominate the Blackjack tables and make it rain at the titters.
Guy 2: No doubt. This weekend is gonna be WONI.

Guy 1: Did you see Tommy take three shots of tequila and then make out with some random girl, all while getting a lap dance from some Russian stripper?
Guy 2: Yeah, that was so WONI.
by mandingo0218 August 21, 2008
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WONI can best be described as the two sweetest people in the world. They are meant to be as one. Walker and Toni are WONI. The one and only. #couplegoals
Did you see WONI at the prom? Yeah, like they lit the room up.
by Zippy January 07, 2017
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