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same as slow
by OcK June 09, 2004
verb. to 'wow out loud', used to express surprise on the Internet.
"I've just purged myself and now I'm ready to eat again..."

by peterRepeater December 27, 2008
Waste Of Life.

A special breed of humans, created through a mistake by evolution. Not many exist since they dont procreate.
Not all WOF's are male, but off the type that ventures online, 100% is infact male
(rule 16. There are NO girls on the internet.)
They have a lot of time since their mental and physical disfigurations keep them from having any
form of a social interaction outside of the anonymousity offered by the internet.
A WOL is not born, but spawns whenever trash meets toxic waste.

You recognice a WOL by its flames, trolls, large collection of collectables and if you see one in real life, their physicall appearance will burn your eyes.

Only way to get rid of a WOL is decapitation. Against more then one, fire is recommended.
"Man, that writer of CAD is such a douche."
"You mean Tim Buckley?"
"Yeah, he is difinitly a WOL"
by ZeroLive April 06, 2008
"wols" was invented from the word slow. it is said to mean (by the founder of "wols") a person/object that is far from acceptable. "Wols" can be easily defined, as a closely related insult to "Retard" or "Spastic". Yet it doesn't mean mentally disabled, just a random/spontaneous insult, which originally has no meaning - but people still take great affence by it. And of coarse, "wols" can also be closely related to the insult of calling some one "slow" (which is basically the same as what was spoken prior)
Fukn hell, that is a wols choice of gear.

Man, that cunt is fukn wols ay.

That is the most wols statement i have ever heard.

and so on..........
by wols king March 26, 2008
Short for "Waste of life." It is used to mainly describe swaggots and anyone from Swagistan. WOLs tend to hang out in packs and annoy the fuck out of Anti- Wols.
by ApocalypseFrenzie October 05, 2013
Waste of life
Yo I just spent all day recovering from being drunk last night. I'm such a W.O.L.
by grablifebythehorns September 24, 2009
W.O.L or WOL stands for wale on land and is a person who is such a fat mess they should be thrown back into the sea where they belong!! Please also see P.I.C
Did you see the state of that Scottish W.O.L going to town on the buffet
by Roderz July 03, 2012
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