Short for war of legends.

War of legends is a browser game created by Jagex.
1. person: ohh I'm just soo tired...

2. person: what? have you been playing WoL all night again?
by mikkel the great May 28, 2011
Wheezing Out Loud, an exaggerated form of Laughing Out Loud (LOL). Originated from the blogging platform Tumblr. Occasional weirdos will claim that this stands for What Out Loud. Ignore them, they will eat you.
Person 1: "Bromaster Fluffy is the funniest nickname in the universe!"

Person 2: "WOL WOL WOL WOL!"
by ohsocontrary February 02, 2011
Like "Laugh out loud" but "whaaaat out loud" for those moments you receive a ridiculous text and you literally scream "What!?!" out loud.
texter: he slept with her...


textee: I Just WOL'd
by WOL creator February 02, 2011
stands for Weep Out Loud. The opposite of the popular texting and chat abbreviation of LOL Laugh Out Loud.
I owe the government $2000 in taxes?! I thought I was getting a refund this year. W.O.L.
by alrod April 29, 2010
wheeze out loud. a person who instead of laughing makes a wheezing noise instead and is unable to laugh like a normal human being.
Text from Bobby: thats hilarious i just WOL
Text from Johnny: dont you mean LOL?
Text from Bobby: nah i just wheezed out loud
by pinKlemonade1 March 19, 2011
an acronym, standing for "wince out loud". This term is an online or textual exclamation similar to it's almost opposite acronym "LOL" but WOL is used in situations where the viewer is either shocked, embarrassed or appalled by what they see or read online. This acronym is most often used when viewing unlocked private pictures on dating sites, particularly when the unlocked image reveals a very ugly face, or a particularly explicit and disgusting sexual act or part of the anatomy.
A: here is a picture of my prolapse.
by royiskeen August 02, 2010
Jozef: you comming to karaokee tonight
Chris: yeh 100%

Jozef: are you going to sing

Chris:YOUR A WOL ( Waste Of LIFE) offcourse im going to sing you ediot !
by CHRISk1234 May 27, 2010
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