weird looking kid. pronounced so that it rhymes with hulk like "wulk"
Theodore, you sir are a wlk
That's not nice, I think I look pretty normal
by mikeszhang June 18, 2012
Top Definition
Means "WTF?" or "What the fuck?" but isn't actually an acronym.
Sarah: I thought I was fucking my boyfriend, but then my boyfriend walked in.
Megan: ... WLK.
by Lilili September 23, 2009
Without Limits Krew from Woodland CA, Hunted by police but never found. One of the few Graffiti Crews In Woodland That Actually got out.. The most known graffiti writers in the crew were, Savi? Or Sav1? Mits, Leesto, Venge, Noble, and Nesr?
by Woodland P.D. January 15, 2011
Acronym for "We Love Katamari"
WLK and the other katamari games are the best games ever
by The Late Jesus Christ October 13, 2007
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