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The short term for Whiny Little Bitch. Used to describe people who complain too much. Often said under the breath while rolling ones eyes. Frequently uttered by exasperated girlfriends.
Boyfriend: But I don't want to go downtown tonight. It's too expensive, and there's nowhere to park.

Girlfriend: WLB, sweetie. WLB.
by KatyM February 03, 2008
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WLB: noun; (acronym) standing for Weird Looking Baby. Used as an undermining of a babies cuteness or (not as often) to describe the strangeness of an infant's features. I.E. huge head, red hair, cleft foot etc.
He: I'd love to babysit your new cousin if the pay is right.

She: The pay better be real right for that WLB.
by WillyDynamite June 09, 2011

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