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Verb: Colloquialism referring to an early exit from a location, often on the down-low, i.e. without saying goodbye to people.

A ninja style exit, out of a window or back door.
What are you doing tonight?

I'm at this party but it's lame, I'm bout to scrouncel.
by WillyDynamite February 12, 2009


1. The act of covertly attempting to turn a lesbian straight via late night tactics (i.e. boozing).

A hybrid word containing lesbian and espionage.
Steve: What'd you do last night?

Joe: I attempted some lesbionage

Steve: awwwww snap!

Joe: The mission was unsuccessful.
by WillyDynamite June 13, 2010
WLB: noun; (acronym) standing for Weird Looking Baby. Used as an undermining of a babies cuteness or (not as often) to describe the strangeness of an infant's features. I.E. huge head, red hair, cleft foot etc.
He: I'd love to babysit your new cousin if the pay is right.

She: The pay better be real right for that WLB.
by WillyDynamite June 09, 2011

1. Oft mistyped version of samefaggotry, most likely because so many samefags are giving you a headache.

2. See Samefag: A person who posts trying to:

-act like more than one person

-bump a thread
Anon: This vid is soooo hot!
Anon: I came buckets OP!
Anon: so much famesaggotry in here
by WillyDynamite August 14, 2010

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