Keita Tachibana - lead vocals, born Dec 16, 1985
Ryuichi Ogata - lead rap, backup singer, born Dec 17, 1985
Ryohei Chiba - lead dancer, backup singer (and he sometimes helps with the rapping), born Nov 18, 1984
Jpop boy band that has 20 singles, 20 coupling songs, 6 cd's (with an average of 15 1/3 songs on each), and 11 DVD's.
They also have short video's of them as the 'joy police' where they go to places that are suppost to be fun and see if they are (Keita dosn't jump when things pop out at him and Ryuichi tends to like rides more than something you have to walk though from what I've seen)
Great W-inds songs:
Forever Memories
Super Lover ~I Need You Tonight~
Love is Message
Break Down, Build Up
New Paradise
by PsychoBarbieHax August 18, 2006
a phenomenon caused by trees sneezing
Calvin: What causes wind?
Dad: Trees sneezing
Calvin: Really?
Dad: No but the truth is much more complicated.


Calvin: Boy the trees sure are sneezing today
by BillWatterson July 27, 2009
a way of dancing (seksi)
"I know you want it, the thing that makes me, what the guys go crazy for.They lose their minds, the way i WIND,i think its time..."-Kelis
by Jessika November 28, 2003
to pass gas, to fart
I passed wind after eating too much uncooked cabbage.
by John R. December 09, 2003
flatulence, gas, intestinal gas
Her wind surprised and sickened me.
by The Return of Light Joker February 18, 2008
Way of dancing popular in Jamaica and other caribbean islands. Sexy way of moving hips and ass. Is done standing, bending over, or even on one's head. Alone or with a partner (wind with me).
Wind for me.
Do you see the way dat girl der wind? Boi, she turnin me on!
I love to see da girls dem wind up der waist.
Every girl try, but no one can wind like her.
by JahMace July 28, 2010
English slang, used to put down try-hards after they use a low-grade, base and unfunny attempt to insult someone, which fails miserably. Most commonly found after unfunny comments made on Facebook.
Similar to the awkward turtle, in that it is used to denote embarrassment at the truly shit nature of the joke attempted.
Steve: any your mum joke
John: Wind.
Steve: Your mum is wind
John: Wind.
by Mansjostler July 07, 2010

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