Worst fucking weather known to man.
Good luck with the incredibly painful ear aches from wind
by WIND IS GAY!!!! July 03, 2009
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English slang, used to put down try-hards after they use a low-grade, base and unfunny attempt to insult someone, which fails miserably. Most commonly found after unfunny comments made on Facebook.
Similar to the awkward turtle, in that it is used to denote embarrassment at the truly shit nature of the joke attempted.
Steve: any your mum joke
John: Wind.
Steve: Your mum is wind
John: Wind.
by Mansjostler July 07, 2010
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AN AWESOME CHICAGO NEWS/TALK RADIO STATION! It's for republicans/conservatives, and the best person on there is michael savage!
my liberal uncle said that WIND - AM 560 is nazi radio. meh. what a lib.
by chicken pants pooper March 26, 2005
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