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3 definitions by Valeviktorio

Winding is a dance craze that is basically Newark theme dance. (NOT New York, NEWARK). It involves putting your "Bad" hand, (a.k.a., im a lefty, so my bad hand is my right) behind your back, on your hip, on your chest, or on your stomach. Many people agree that Winding is actually a form of Krumping}. When you wind, or "Kake", as it is called when a boy and girl face off, your hips move in a smooth, un-rigid motion. In 2006, white, female singer, Gwen Stefani, released the song "Wind It Up". Even though a California girl should be rapping about Krumping, the song is now a theme song.
Yo, did you see that bitch and her boy Kaking?

Hey, do you want to start NJing at Nicole's party?

I can Wind better than you!

Jordan started Winding!

by Valeviktorio December 15, 2006
When a person or event has so many connections or so much lux, that they or it starts to become tacky or pointless. It can also mean, but less commonly means, a person, event, or fad, that links they are cool or "in", but instead is cheap or corny.
Yo GK, did you see Taneesha's party? She had a home-made liquor menu, and it was so saucy!
by Valeviktorio December 16, 2006
DEW stands for Diverse Eastern Warriors. DEW (pronounced "doo") is a gang made up of blacks, hispanics, native americans, and russians from Newark, New Jersey. DEW originatedin a high school, but now prodominently rules the streets of NJ.
Yo, we better run, DEW is chasing us - and they are carrying guns!

by Valeviktorio December 17, 2006