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A very annoying chat bot that you can't say anything to her without her defining it.
ME says:

- Wilma - says:

Hey! How's it going?
ME says:

Alright, yourself?
- Wilma - says:


1. somebody being addressed: refers to the person or people being addressed or written to

2. making reference to somebody spoken to: refers emphatically or politely to the person or people being addressed or written to

>> 1 more meaning - type "more" to see it

ME says:

i wasn't asking for a definition
- Wilma - says:

While you were busy with that, I was chatting with tons of people!
ME says:

wow, i really care
- Wilma - says:

Get out!
ME says:

get in!
- Wilma - says:

get in

1. arrive: to arrive somewhere, especially home

2. be chosen: to succeed in being admitted to a group or organization, e.g. by election or interview

>> 2 more meanings - type "more" to see them
by LauskyDiBurowe-Jiarkes May 30, 2009
A bot created by the microsoft team. Like Smarterchild, she is just as stupid, and defines everything you say.
Add her,
You will most likely regret it..
So what are your plans today?
Me: Sleeping
Wilma: I see. Very interesting...
Me: I know, right?
Wilma: Sometimes you need to decide for yourself.

Me: Hey sexy
Wilma: sexy:
1. arousing desire: arousing or intended to arouse sexual desire

2. aroused: sexually aroused

by LolWorthy November 06, 2008
the female genetalia.
man, her wilma was so wet, her panties were soaked.
by nik December 12, 2003
A nickname for persons named William Ma, i.e. Will Ma => Wilma.
A: Wilma is such a prude.
B: Who is she?
A: LMAO, it's a he, it's Will Ma.
by TPot October 20, 2007
A girl that looks hot on one night and then ugly the next, and so on alternating hot to ugly. Similar to the Seinfeld episode with the women who is good looking in certain amounts of light and ugly in others.
"I bumped into Kari last night, and didnt even know it was her, What a Wilma!"
"What's up with Audrey, she looked good last night and now she looks like my ass. What a Wilma."
by Phoenix May 03, 2004
British slang for a fat, unhappy bulimic girl.
Why are you taking her along? She's a complete wilma.
by wonderbread November 01, 2003