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N. What Happens At The Lake, Stays At The Lake. A weekend or weeklong outing with a group of friends at or near a lake, in which the participants take an oath to never speak of the events to anyone, other than those attending, that take place during the time together. Sometimes resulting in consuming large amounts of alcohol, nudity, wild pranks, getting lost, waking up next to someone you wouldn't normally, and a weekend long hangover. One has to be chosen to go to WHATLSATL. You cannot invite yourself.
I can't wait until WHATLSATL 2.0 on June 14. I have the cooler and the Tylenol packed.

Hey Rita, what happened at the first WHATLSATL? Sorry A-Rod, I can't talk about it because I took an oath.
by Tbitty May 15, 2013
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