Top Definition
White girls with Asian guys
When is the next Chow Yun Fat's WGWAG movie coming out?
When WGWAG get married, do they also hyphenate their last names?
by KIM JUNG IL December 03, 2006
UIUC white girl with Asian Guy
"Who is Kim going with to Kams tonight?"
-"She's going with that one Asian guy from Finance".
"Oh so now she's a WGWAG"!
by Nfk105 December 07, 2010
White Gays with Asian Gays.
Man, when I drove through West Hollywood the other night, all I saw was WGWAG ... white gays with asian gays. It was disgusting.
by TimothyArcher December 09, 2006
WGWAG (acro.) White Guy With Asian Girlfriend
WGWAGs are a rare breed
by C January 06, 2005
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