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3 definitions by TimothyArcher

Prounounced as "Chig-whibt," this is a phrase that stands for "cheerful girls with big tits," the most prestigious sort of girls. Guys that are lucky enough to have a CGWBT girlfriend are envied by their friends.
I like CGWBT. They need not be particularly smart. They do, however, need to be cheerful and have big tits.
by TimothyArcher January 20, 2007
Your stereotypical asian male ... short, fat, and alone ... always thinks about studying during the day and then rushes home to jerk off to Internet porn of white girls. Claims to have game, but in reality is a virgin whose only method to get together with an attractive woman is to pay said woman an hourly rate.
Look at that superstudyasian ... I bet he's beaten his palms raw to Pamela Anderson pictures.

Short? check. Fat? check. Asian? check. Single? check. Pathetic? check. Yep, it's superstudyasian ... such a pathetic fat fuck.
by TimothyArcher February 20, 2007
White Gays with Asian Gays.
Man, when I drove through West Hollywood the other night, all I saw was WGWAG ... white gays with asian gays. It was disgusting.
by TimothyArcher December 09, 2006