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An acronym meaning Winning for the Win. Usually used for ecstatic people who don't like to use FTW because it is too "popular". Also used to basically say "FUCK YEAH. WHAT WE'RE DOING IS AWESOME.".
Did Germany win the game?" "YES." "OHMYGOD YUUUSSSSS WFTW!!" ":D
by The Gilded Mongoose King July 11, 2010
Word From The Wise
WFTW, you better not drive like that, man - especially at this hour, cops are everywhere
by Rubix12 January 06, 2011
Stands for Working For The Weekend. Means that a person is attempting to get it on with someone else - and create a relationship with them within the duration of a weekend.
Guy 1: "What are you up to?"
Guy 2: "Ah you know, just WFTW"
Guy 1: "Right on, right on"
by Rock DJ June 19, 2005
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