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Abbreviation for West Edmonton Mall - the largest mall in the world filled with some of the dumbest tourists in the world.
Some actual questions asked of the merchants working there:

"What's upstairs?" (It's a mall, duh, more stores!)

"Where is the ice-skating rink?" (The one you're standing in front of, bonehead!)

And too many more stupid questions to list.
by JoJo July 23, 2004

can stand for West Edmonton Mall or Welfare Every Month,
usually done with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, first pointing upwards, then to the left and then to the bottom.
How do homeless ppl get the cash to buy weeds?
WEM! Welfare Every Month!
by Tibiagamerfan June 16, 2010
Abbreviation for 'Whatever Minger' Mostly used online by noobs like me.
Person 2: WEM!
Person 1: Errr huh?
Person 2: Look it up noob.
by Jimseh June 09, 2006
refer to wemmel. plural form. also said as wemmels.
1: "they have a good set of wems"
2: "they have a good set of wemmels"
by MCD. July 08, 2009
Short for whatever minger

A dismissive, derisive comment to end a futile interchange. With hand gestures.

Form your hand into a fist, then extend your thumb and first two fingers to form a "W". Spell out the letters W. E. M. whilst saying "What Ever Minger"
She: Those new rims look whack!
He: Yeah, W.E.M.
by fpsst May 16, 2006
what ever minga (sounds best with a fake english accent!)
some body says somthing you dont beleave.
james: i fully got some action last nite!
sam: WEM!!
by Jinksed August 22, 2008
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