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An expression of excitement or achievement.

Mike: Dude, I got paid tonight!

Robb: WEEW!
by Googlackajick Spibmab March 21, 2008
another way of saying "Woo" or "woot"
"We're partying all night long. WeeW!!"
by franki799 November 07, 2006
An expression of mega excitement or some epic achievement.
Mike: Dude, some guy that was a jag to you performed *shotgun*

Robb: Weew!

by Yo I'm about to eat April 21, 2010
A group of people as a family made on facebook,which are stupid,mean,ugly and ugly once again.
This family consists of many bitches and bastards that don't know what life is to other people,and don't care.
I saw one of the weew's at the mall yesterday.
That weew is ugly.
by anonymous-_- November 29, 2009
1. A figure of speech used to show ones dissatisfaction with something.

2. Expression used when unhappy with the outcome of something.

3.Word that could also be used as a substitution for words such as Woot, woo and wow.

4. Word taken from a guy i met on xbox live who always screams "weew" when he dies on halo 3.

Me: *Snipes Tim in the head.*
Tim: "wtf, WeeW, hacker."
by Jaret H March 12, 2008
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