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WBI - What about it? Used in a conversation.
Dude 1: Did you hear about Sarah's dildo?
Dude 2: WBI?
Dude 1: It got stolen in class.
Dude 3: Oh Snap.
by Mr.DG December 15, 2010
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A short term that means Welcome Back from Iraq Sex. Take out the from. When a married man or a man with a girl returns from Iraq, the couple usually has Welcome Back Sex for about two to three days. All this sex usually ends with a baby.
Sherry: Tina I haven't seen you around for about 3 days since Jim came home from Iraq.

Tina: We've been having WBIS for 5 days stright and we're having a baby!!!!!!!!!
by Bigmoneybri February 03, 2008

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