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What A Week It's Been For...

...Brotherly Love

From The Friday Project's The Friday Thing comes this Acronym that features regularly in the weekly email but is always surrounded by a veil of mystery. There is generally at least one letter published asking/demanding to know what this means.
by Mike Perkins July 21, 2006
WAWIBF is an abbreviation of "What a week it's been for..."
WAWIBF ... giving the game away.
by Smith Bucklin July 21, 2006
Acronym for What A Week It's Been For, typically used when summarising or commenting on topical events.
WAWIBF people who can't figure out simple acronyms.
by TFTReaderJoe July 21, 2006
Abbreviation of "What A Week It's Been For"
W.A.W.I.B.F. the amount of people asking what W.A.W.I.B.F. means!
by SeasonTicketless July 22, 2006
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