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1. (Acronym) Wins All Nerd Dares Under Heat

2. A woman who is so fabulous, whose nails are always tricked out and whose style never goes out of fashion.

3. That chick Malik obsesses over.

4. Knower of all Hispanomerican terms

5. A noise that is high pitched and obnoxious, hoarsy, and gross.
1. Sarah: I just joined WANDUH

Jake: Ewww

2. Qaido: OMG WANDUH

Laura: Qaido, calm down.

3. Malik: Mmmmm Wanduh

4. Wanduh: perro, bolsa, mexico.

Jim: Really Wanduh?


PJ: Oh my gosh, Gertrude just Wanduhd
by SayWhat...? July 01, 2011