We're all friends here
"That girl is so annoying!"
"Hey, WAFH!"
by courtney K November 16, 2012
What a Fucking Hard.
Lad 1: I passed my driving test by banging the instructor

Lad 2: WAFH!
by AlanAllan September 19, 2011
A easy way for gamers or via text to tell you what you think of someone. WAFH meaning what a fuck head.
Gamer1: Dude stop trying to myg0t us
Gamer2: WAFH!!
Gamer1: Ye i know
Myg0t wannabe:Niggers are gay and goto lemonparty rifk rifk rifk
Gamer1:ya WAFH!
by Sabot June 07, 2007

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