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A word you can use anywhere.

A seller of vumps.
Get that vumpler out of here! He's trying to sell vumps!


Shawshank Revumpler
by Ryan April 29, 2003
Someone whos EXTREMELY ugly
That person is seriously Vumpler!!!
by SLM February 11, 2008
When a person pops an ass pimple into another person's eye.
While Justin was sleeping I opened up his eye and gave him an awesome vumpler.
by Eric April 07, 2005
The space located directly between the male scrotum and the anus opening. Otherwise known as the space "between your balls and your butthole". Also used as a dorogatory term used in name-calling bouts.
"Ugh, my vumpler itches." "Don't be such a vumpler." "Oh, that hit him right in the vumpler."
by Boring Ian January 14, 2006