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A woman, a lot of the time unattractive, who hangs out in dive bars and try's to pick up men. She lurks at the end of the bar, and when your buddy walks up to the bar to order a drink, she attempts to seduce him. It is imperative that you educate your friends, before entering the bar, about the call of the vulture slut. If one of your friends is in danger of falling prey to this woman, he must immediately utter to you or another friend: "Brrrah - cahh", and you must acknowledge his plight by responding: "Brah - cah, nigga - cah!". This allows all in your group to recognize his situation and come to his aid, before she sinks her talons into him and flys away with her massive labias like a giant pink bat.

The most effective way of deterring her is to run up on her, shove your palm right in her face while pushing her back with it, and saying "Back up out my nigga face".
V - "Hey big boy how you doin tonight? :)"
A - "Yo Todd, Chris is gettin hit on by that vulture slut"
B(Chris) - "Brahh cahh!!!"
A - "Brah cah, nigga cah!"
A to V - "Back up out my nigga face, bitch"
by Genital Wartzkopf September 29, 2009
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