vice president I'd like to fuck
"Sarah Palin is such a vpilf"
by Rankus September 14, 2008
Vice President I'd like To Fuck, orgianated by sXePHIL from YouTube or he also know as Phillip DeFranco. This was made mainly for John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin.
John: Dude did you see McCain's new running mate?

Bill: Yeah shes a babe

John: No shes a VPILF!
by Will Reed September 02, 2008
Vice-President I'd like to Fuck. Refers to the ball-draining hottness of Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. An offshoot of a MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck).
I may not agree with her economic policy, but Sarah Palin is a total VPILF
by Elliot Tovar September 14, 2008
Vice President I'd like to Fuck.
Tim: Hey did you see that hot librarian on TV?
Jim: Yeah, she's a VPILF!
by JM Shade September 08, 2008
a Vice Presidential (candidate) I'd Like to Fuck
When Sarah Palin's daughter has her baby, Palin will be a VPILF and GILF and MILF!!! That's disgusting . . . yet totally hot!!!
by k-weezee September 05, 2008
1. Vice President I'd Like to Fuck

2. The state of being a hot vice-president
If Barack Obama were elected president, the United States would be deprived of its first ever VPILF.
by Mark Twainz September 18, 2008
Vice President I'd like (to) Fuck. Similar to a MILF, but in powerful vice-presidential form.
Sarah Palin will make the ultimate VPILF.
Al Gore is definitely not a VPILF.
by Turkish Rambo September 04, 2008

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