Much like "MILF," this regards the soon to be VP and running mate of John McCain, Sarah Palin.

Spelled out, it means "Vice President I'd Like to Fuck."

Perhaps the first time anyone would say something like this about the VPOTUS, save Richard Nixon.
"Sarah Palin has such a naughty librarian look, what a VPILF."
by VPILF Lover September 02, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck. Similar to MILF or DILF. Coined when the internet community started referring to vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as a VPILF.
Sarah Palin is most definitely a VPILF; McCain is a lucky man!
by hammy48 August 31, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck!

The one politician (Sarah Palin) who is hot!
Democrat: Dude, did you see Sarah Palin last night, McCain's VP last night?

Republican: Hells yea fool! She is such a VPILF doin' her thang!

Dude: OMG! Look at that hottie!

Dude#2: Dude, that's Sarah Palin, the VPILF!

Dude: No way! VPILF!

by ilikebigbuttsandicannotlie October 19, 2008
Variation on MILF created to refer to Sarah Palin, candidate for Vice-President of the USA and also considered a MILF.
Sarah Palin - VPILF - as seen on T-shirts.
by ogara September 21, 2008
Acronym standing for "Vice President I'd Like to Fuck". Term not popularly used until the 2008 presidential election.
Pundit 1: Not since Geraldine Ferraro has there been a female vice presidential candidate
Pundit 2: Forget Geraldine Ferraro! Now Sarah Palin, there's a VPILF!
Pundit 1: Word.
by GucciLittlePiggy September 04, 2008
Sarah Palin
That sarah palin sure is dumbshit, but she sure is a VPILF!
by studwalrus December 07, 2008

aka Sarah Palin

If she does end up getting the Vice President position...which i'm sure she won't.
Who cares if she's a MILF.
Sarah Palin is one hot ass VPILF!
by LReyn18 September 03, 2008

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