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A Vondy is a term used for a type of guy that is rather unique. Most Vondys are very musically talented and fairly attractive, especially when they sing or play the tenor. Vondys are also extremely sarcastic so everything they say must be deciphered properly.
Person 1: I can't tell if that guy was being serious or not.

Person 2: Dude, he's totally a Vondy.
Person 1: Ohhh that makes sense. Hella foxy though.
by drcoxishellafoxy October 15, 2012
a dirty joke that doesnt make sense.
"my moms hot"
"thats what she said"
"dude, that was such a vondy"
by kate is cool April 25, 2007
One who carries out the orders of his superiors like a little B**ch Often tries to mouth off, but is quickly put back in his place. Also, sucks at poker, even though he believes he is good.
Look at Vondy misplay AK once again.
by Insky March 30, 2005

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