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The material which Volvos are made of. It's one of the strongest known materials on earth.
An 18 wheeler swerved on the wrong side of the highway, causing a head on collision with a Volvo. The driver of the 18 wheeler died, but the people inside the Volvo were safe because of their Volvonium shield.
by David_Davidson September 12, 2008
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The hardest metal known to man, which Volvos are made of.
Volvos are actually harder than diamonds.

They're made out of a material called

Volvonium, mined in the mountains of Sweden by

hard-working Nordic Gnomes. After the material

is melted by launching it into the sun via

herring-powered rocket, the molten Volvonium is

allowed to cool slightly, and is then beaten

into shape by Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor.
by philzilla August 11, 2011
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