A brand of car that came out of Sweden. Probably one of the best cars to make into a sleeper, many have been modded to have over 400hp. Unlike most people think, modern Volvos are in fact very good looking and very fast for their price.
That Volvo owned that ricer in his Honda.
by Everruler December 27, 2006
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(n.) A small, swedish house with a panzer engine on the front and "HOWS MY DRIVING? 555-FUCK-YOU" stickers on the back.
throw as many bricks as you want at this volvo-you won't dent it.
by kung-fu jesus August 19, 2004
The only car a true pimp would be seen in. Drivers are generally well equipped and don't need to compensate for anything. Best in yellow.
Wow, I wish I could get out of this prissy little Civic/Neon and into a nice Volvo.
by squirrelmaster5.0 June 08, 2003
this is a tank in car clothings. can take all kinds of abuse, even sexualy. you can paint Go Al Quida in big white letters on the side and drive it at a US military patrole in iraq. it would only get a few dents. can also be used as a tractor, snow plow.
US soildier: oh shit its a volvo! i need artillery on my position!!!!!...run for your lives men!
by mean mother fucker January 10, 2006
Car company known for their boxy but safe cars.
See Wagon
I own a choclate lab and a Volvo wagon.
by Ted Krygier November 19, 2003
Large, boxy and seemingly dowdy Swedish car brand. The older RWD volvos (1800, 100 series, 200 series, 700 series, 900 series) will quite literally run forever with good maintinence, and time will tell if the FWD and post-Ford cars will keep that mantle of reliability. Although often bashed for their emphasis on safety, Volvo has been building surprisingly sporty cars for quite some time, such as the 740 turbos which had 180 horsepower in the 1980's (at the same time that the corvette only had 220 to put things in perspective). The performance of the R-line of cars has increased from adequate to BMW M-car challenging with the new AWD s60R and v70R models.
My currently underpowered Volvo 940GLE sedan will become a mustang-eating Q-ship once I drop the twin-turbo S80 t6 engine into it.
by Alex B. December 28, 2004
An automotive company from sweden. Also builds some commercial trucks. They may not be the best looking cars to own. However they are by far the safest vehicles you could drive. They also are very reliable and seem to go forever if properly maintained.
Honda owner: Yo my honda is the shiznits and can blow the doors off that box you drive!

Volvo owner: Maybe it could. But im more likely going to be walking away in the event of a crash!
by greatgalkan March 17, 2007
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