A Swedish brand of automobile, now owned by Ford Motor Company, renowned for it's high level of safety features.

SLANG: Volvo is code for Vulva (Pussy lips) to mean either the lips specifically, or simply the female crotch area generally.
I'd sure love to pump that bitch's Volvo full of gas!
by Little Amy June 08, 2006
The maker of the only station wagon other than the Dodge Magnum that looks good - the V70R. 300HP, AWD, safety, world's most comfortable seats, wide stance - imagine picking up your kids in that. WOW
2005 V70R - smokes every other wagon but the Magnum.
by J September 28, 2004
A safe and reliable Swedish automobile that is commonly associated with College Professors, mothers with multiple children in sporting activities at different schools, and any resident of Vermont. Also known as a "brick" or "Swedish school bus". Most Volvos are station wagons with nearly a dozen air bags and headlights that never turn off. Newer models are now turbocharged to nearly an inch of their life, breaking any stereotype associated thus far.
That Volvo has nearly 400,000 miles on it, and it will not die.
by Mattikus October 08, 2005
an extremel small limp penis attached to an extemely sexually ambiguous person with a hairy back
your great great father, great uncles, aged deviants. My grand dad was such a volvos.
by donbeta July 04, 2006
Cars usually driven by librarians, yuppies, old people, exc. This is because everyone else hasn't figured out how cool they are yet.
Yessss, Volvo wagons kick ass!
by 5th Column May 12, 2003
before the time of the SUV, the ultimate soccermom vehicle. Most commonly found in middle to upper class suburbs driven by women (or a man who has been whipped real good by his wife). Mid priced, large to mid size, really safe, ugly. Older volvos are used by people who don't have enough cash to buy a cool car, but they still want something usable.
10 years ago, that soccormom would be dropping her 150lb 10 year-old off at practice in a volvo wagon, not a ford excursion.
by northendwhitetrash December 30, 2007
pronounced vuuulllvvvoooo.
used by stoned teenagers along the california coast to describe anything and everything.
dude, don't get sand in my volvo.
get the fuck outta my volvo.
where's my volvo?
by bobertothe2nd October 10, 2005
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