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The Afrikaans equivalent of the English word "Fuck" has exactly the same meaning and can also be used as a verb, vokken.
I will VOK you up!
I cannot get this VOKKEN thing to work.
by Boerseun! April 24, 2011
VOKS- Pertaining to having "BALLS" or "GUTS" to do something.

(Girls or Guys)
"Whoa, dude you had some VOKS to go talk to that chick!"

"I can't believe that you had the VOKS to ask him out!"

" You shouldn't like him anyway, It's not like he had the VOKS to tell you he didn't want you anyway!"
by JADE*** afi February 10, 2005
A common miss-spelling of the afrikaans word FOK.

This mistake is especially made by hillbilly boerseuns who could not afford a propper bilingual education.
Hey boerseun! It's Fok not Vok you idiot!
by chess007 May 17, 2011